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Bike packing in Scotland can force you to focus so much on keeping dry clothes to sleep in, finding a dry place to sleep in, keeping your bike healthy, avoiding midges, staying fed, staying warm, unpacking and repacking your tent, sleeping bag and sleeping mattress, and moving all this weight often with food and water up one hill then the next, that it becomes almost impossible to have enough creative energy left to take a pause, take out the camera and calmly capture with video what you’re experiencing in real life while you’re there;
and it’s even more difficult to have the imagery you collect reveal what it actually feels like to be there, to feel the solemn enchanted loneliness that the barren Highland landscape imposes on you with every turn, with it’s dull green hillsides carved everywhere by the sound of flowing water everywhere.

And this feeling is often made more foreboding by the typical overcast skies where even the hillsides still manage to climb into low hanging clouds. And those low hanging clouds sometimes move so fast the it all comes to life as if you’re living in a time-lapse movie and you wish everyone could see it too, see what you’re seeing, feel what you’re feeling.
Well, you did an amazing job to do just that; and I really felt what it was like to be there struggling with you on that effort and was so delighted to see you over and over again collect the imagery you did; collect it when I’m sure at times it would have been far more appealing to leave the camera where it was and to press on to find the next place that was dry and offered warm food and a warm drink!.
So Well done!! Do more!!! :)

Joseph Colligan

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