Bike Messenger Races (Multiple Cities)

Race Order: NYC, Tokyo, London, Copenhagen, Dodging Cars & Pedestrians, Running Red lights, Ignoring one-ways, Near misses, and even sometimes Crashes. Bike Couriers/Messengers undoubtedly live on the edge.

What an amazing group, it takes some real guts to pull off what these guys do. Skill, speed, focus, experience and a little bit of insanity. It’s one hell of an adrenaline rush just watching these guys. Really grateful that Lucas is fast enough to keep up with the best/fastest of them all and therefore able to provide us an experience like no other. He’s upfront with a steady helmet cam barely looking left and right so we can see all the action without getting motion sickness in the process.

Clips pieced together by me from the film Line of Sight by Lucas Brunelle All credit, copyright, production goes to him. It’s a great film and I really suggest watching the entire thing.

Bicycle messengers (also known as bike or cycle couriers) are people who work for courier companies (also known as messenger companies) carrying and delivering items by bicycle. Bicycle messengers are most often found in the central business districts of metropolitan areas. Courier companies use bike messengers because bicycle travel is less subject to unexpected holdups in city traffic jams, and is not deterred by parking limitations, fees or fines in high density development that can hinder or prevent delivery by motor vehicle, thereby offering a predictable delivery time.

The most essential piece of equipment for a bicycle messenger is a bicycle. Fixed gear bicycles are common among cyclists for their simplicity and ease of maintenance.[citation needed] Some large cities that employ significant numbers of bike messengers (e.g., New York City) have relatively flat terrain, and are especially conducive to the performance properties of fixed gear bicycles.

Because bicycle thefts are prevalent in many cities, a lock to secure the bike during deliveries is essential. Simple chain and padlocks are often used, with the locked chain worn around the waist like a belt while riding. U-locks are also popular. Messengers typically carry basic tools, weather-proof clothing and a street map.

The majority of messengers use a bag to carry deliveries and personal effects. Bags with a single strap that wraps diagonally across the chest (popularly known as messenger bag) are popular because they can be swung around the messenger’s body to allow access without removing the bag. Clasps which can be adjusted with one hand (ideal for riding), clips, pockets and webbing loops on the strap for holding a cell phone or two-way radio and other equipment also feature on purpose-built messenger bags. Bags generally have large capacities (up to 50 liters or 3,000 cubic inches). Baskets and racks mounted on the bike are also used, and at least one messenger service (in New York City) equips its riders with specialized three-wheel cycles (sometimes known as cargo-trikes), with a large trunk in the rear. Many bicycle messengers also wear helmets and mount lights and fenders (mud guards) to their bicycles. (

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