Cycling Hurts My Vagina!!!

Vaginitis (crotchitis), bacterial infections and yeast infections are the most common vaginal problems that women cyclists encounter. Any one of these conditions can sideline you during the cycling season. But don’t despair, there are simple steps you can take to help prevent saddle sores and vaginal problems.

What To Do

Get the Right Saddle – Test different saddles for comfort. Adjust saddle height and the fore/aft position.
Bike Fit – Take your bike to a cycling shop and have the mechanics check that your bike is adjusted properly to fit your body size.
Padded Shorts – Get shorts with thick, seamless padding. Cycling shorts are meant to be worn without underwear.
Use an Emollient – With clean hands apply a good emollient to your genital area and thighs to help prevent chafing. Find a chamois cream or jelly that works best for you. (Add a comment below if you can recommend a good product.)
Practise Good Hygiene – Get out of your padded shorts as soon as you’ve finished your ride. Thoroughly wash and dry your crotch. Wash your padded shorts. NEVER cycle in shorts you haven’t washed.
Go Vertical – Consider adjusting your bike stem and handles so your posture can be more vertical. Sixty degrees to the horizontal is recommended.
Fidget – Move around on your saddle while you ride. Every 10 minutes, stand up in the pedals to give your “privates” a break from the pressure.
If vaginal problems persist or get worse, you may need to visit your doctor to find a solution.

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A Delicate Matter: Cycling and Genital Problems

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