The All-New 2015 Cannondale F-SI

The lead engineer of the new F-Si, Peter Denk, explains the concept of the all-new F-Si while Marco Fontana and Manuel Fumic put it to the test. You don’t make a bike faster by shaving few grams off the frame, or by making it a little stiffer. You make a bike faster by making all of its elements work together with a singular focus. When we introduced the F29 in 2011, we took this System Integration approach to creating the world’s fastest XC race hardtail and the results speak for themselves.

To improve upon it, required some bold engineering. We completely rethought some of the most basic tenets of frame layout, achieved every goal on the list and delivered a radically stiffer rear wheel in the process.
The result is the all-new 2015 Cannondale F-Si — the most integrated, most advanced and fastest XC race bike ever made.

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