The group “GPS © TOURING BIKE,” added ACD BICISPORTEAM – FLORENCE, spreads and inserts URBAN BIKE RIDERS © also with bike details, such as the Cannondale Bad Boy (pictured).

The idea is to propose the use of bicycles for leisure, in the streets of the city on bike paths, and even outside the city walls, to have fun and enjoy postcard views. The Urban Bike is different from city bikes, used to go to work, since they are front or rigid bike, adapted for road car use. The Cannondale Bad Boy’s, used by the staff of GPS by Bicisporteam Touring Bike – Florence, bicycles are the most suitable (with or without shock and front disc brakes front / rear), group members may have similar bikes!
BIKE RIDERS © Urban clothing is different from that sport. Must be comfortable, breathable, practical. The inner pad is recommended to prevent redness. The helmet, lights, bell and reflectors are required. Gloves and shoes with hard soles are recommended.
The pedals can be dual-function, or simple.
To actively participate in the Urban BIKE RIDERS ©, spreading the philosophy and collaborating please contact the mail, ridersbike@ridersbike.net – thank you.

Pubblicazione contenuti. Per inviare notizie e articoli con foto e /o video, utilizzare la mail: ridersbiker@gmail.com. Per controversie sui contenuti del sito web, rivolgersi sempre al nostro consulente legale Avv. Simone Valenti di Firenze.

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